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Tallahassee Building Thermal Imaging

We are highly trained professional building thermographers that work in throughout Tallahassee Florida & Southern Georgia including Woodville, Centerville, Wakulla Springs, Havana, Lloyd, Miccosukee, Wacissa, Crawfordville, St. Marks, Calvary, and Quincy. We use high quality, high resolution FLIR cameras to help our clients save money repairs.

We See Temperature Differences

Thermal Imaging cameras measure heat differences from surfaces – in this case building walls. Usually wet areas show up as hotter or colder spots depending on the time of day. You need an experienced Thermographer to interpret this data. Weller Infrared Services is an expert in Building Science Thermography. We have the tools and knowledge to find your moisture problems. Our thermal imaging surveys:


  • Locate and map moisture in wall systems
  • Determine if window or door flashing has been properly installed
  • Locate areas of stucco delamination
  • Accurately determine repair or replace decisions
  • Verify if wall repairs are successful before warranties expire


Having complete and accurate information at your fingertips will save you money.  Weller Infrared Services has the experience of performing building wall infrared thermal imaging on all types of wall systems.  While we perform most of our building wall thermal imaging on commercial and multifamily buildings.  For more information CLICK HERE

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